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Being among the leading importers and suppliers of Biology models, we have been able to pocket tremendous amount of fame and appreciation. Our given range also includes, Cockroach-3-Digestion, Excretory, Algae Chart, Artificial Vegetable Propagation Chart, Skin and Muscles, Cockroach-2 Blood Circulation, Respiratory System, Cockroach-1 Morphology and Reproduction Chart, Earthworm-3 Chart to name a few and all the offered charts are offered at the competitive prices keeping in mind convenience of our clients.

STZ01 Animal Kingdom
STZ02 Animal Cell
STZ03 Animal Cell Organelles
STZ04 Animal Tissues
STZ05 Animal Cell Mitosis
STZ06 Animal Cell Meiosis
STZ07 Gametogenesis in Animals
STZ08 Fertilization in Animals
STZ09 Protozoa
STZ10 Amoeba
STZ11 Malaria Parasite
STZ12 Paramoecium
STZ13 Hydra
STZ14 Liver Fluke
STZ15 Tapeworm
STZ16 Roundworm (Ascaris)
STZ17 Hookworm
STZ18 Life History of Mosquito
STZ19 Life Cycle of Butterfly
STZ20 Life History of Housefly
STZ21 Life History of frog
STZ22 Human Blood
STZ23 Body's Defense
STZ24 Harmful Insects
STZ25 Beneficial Insects
STZ26 Food Habits of Birds
STZ27 Fish Anatomy
STZ28 Birth of a Bird's Chick
STZ29 Earthworm I : Ext. Morphology &
STZ30 Earthworm II : Blood Circulation,
Respiratory & Nervous System
STZ31 Earthworm III : Digestion, Skin &
STZ32 Cockroach I: Morphology &
STZ33 Cockroach II : Blood Circulation,
Respiratory & Nervous System
STZ34 Cockroach III : Digestion, Excretory,
Skin & Muscles
STZ35 Vertebrate Classes

Zoology Charts

Zoology Charts
  • Zoology Charts
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ZOOLOGYSTZ01 Animal KingdomSTZ02 Animal CellSTZ03 Animal Cell OrganellesSTZ04 Animal TissuesSTZ05 Animal Cell MitosisSTZ06 Animal Cell MeiosisSTZ07 Gametogenesis in AnimalsSTZ08 Fertilization in AnimalsSTZ09 ProtozoaSTZ10 AmoebaSTZ11 Malaria ParasiteSTZ12 ParamoeciumSTZ13 HydraSTZ14 Liver FlukeSTZ15 TapewormSTZ16 Roundworm (Ascaris)STZ17 HookwormSTZ18 Life History of MosquitoSTZ19 Life Cycle of ButterflySTZ20 Life History of HouseflySTZ21 Life History of frogSTZ22 Human BloodSTZ23 Body's DefenseSTZ24 Harmful InsectsSTZ25 Beneficial InsectsSTZ26 Food Habits of BirdsSTZ27 Fish AnatomySTZ28 Birth of a Bird's ChickSTZ29 Earthworm I : Ext. Morphology & ReproductionSTZ30 Earthworm II : Blood Circulation, Respiratory & Nervous SystemSTZ31 Earthworm III : Digestion, Skin & ExcretionSTZ32 Cockroach I: Morphology & ReproductionSTZ33 Cockroach II : Blood Circulation, Respiratory & Nervous SystemSTZ34 Cockroach III : Digestion, Excretory, Skin & MusclesSTZ35 Vertebrate ClassesSTZ36 Sense OrgansSTZ37 General Dissection of RabbitSTZ38 NeuronSTZ39 Early Development of the FrogSTZ40 Frog's Morphology & Internal StructureSTZ41 Frog's Urogenital SystemSTZ42 Frog's Circulatory SystemSTZ43 Frog's Nervous SystemSTZ44 Frog's Muscular System

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Botany Charts

Botany Charts
  • Botany Charts
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BOTANYSTB01 Plant KingdomSTB02 Typical PlantSTB03 Typical Plant CellSTB04 Plant Cell OrganellesSTB05 Plant TissuesSTB06 Plant Cell MitosisSTB07 Plant Cell MeiosisSTB08 T.S. Stem - MonocotSTB09 T.S. Dicot Stem (Sunflower)STB10 T.S. Root - MonocotSTB11 T.S. of Dicot RootSTB12 T.S. Leaf - MonocotSTB13 T.S. Leaf - DicotSTB14 Types of LeavesSTB15 Root SystemsSTB16 Structure of FlowerSTB17 Calyx and CorollaSTB18 InflorescencesSTB19 FruitsSTB20 The Seed : Structure &GerminationSTB21 Germination of Seed : Bean& PeaSTB22 Dispersal of Fruits & SeedsSTB23 Photosynthesis (Calvin Cycle)STB24 Plant DiseasesSTB25 Reproduction in PlantsSTB26 PollinationSTB27 Double FertilizationSTB28 Artificial VegetativePropagationSTB29 Stem ModificationsSTB30 Root ModificationsSTB31 HydrophytesSTB32 MesophytesSTB33 XerophytesSTB34 Insectivorous PlantsSTB35 FungiSTB36 AlgaeSTB37 VirusesSTB38 BacteriaSTB39 Life Cycle of FernSTB40 Life Cycle of MossSTB41 SpirogyraSTB42 Life Cycle of MushroomSTB43 Leaf ModificationSTB44 Parasitic PlantsSTB45 Mucor : Structure & ReproductionSTB46 Regions of Root

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Projection Microscope

Projection Microscope
  • Projection Microscope
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Square Dome with provision of Wall Projection, Screen Dia 6”

Fiber Glass Biological Models

Fiber Glass Biological Models
  • Fiber Glass Biological Models
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1.       Amoeba on Board 10"x15"
2.       Animal Cell / Palnt Cell on Board 10"x15" (Any One)
3.       DNA/RNA  on Board 10"x15" (Any One)
4.       DNA/RNA  on Board 16"x24" (Any One)
5.       Mitosis / Meiosis,  on Board 10"x15" (Any One)
6.       Mitosis / Meiosis, on Board 16"x24" (Any One)
7.       Flower on Board 10"x15"
8.       Human Body on Board 10"x15"
9.       Human Brain
10.   Human Brain on Base (4 Parts Dissectible)
11.   Human Circulatory System on Boards 10"x24"
12.   Human Digestive System on Boards 10"x24"
13.   Human Ear on Base
14.   Human Eye on stand
15.   Giant Human Eye (6” Dia & 5 times Enlarged Model)
16.   Human Excretory System on Board 10"x15"
17.   Human Heart on Stand (Two Parts)
18.   Jumbo Human Heart on BASE (4 parts Dissectible)
19.   Human Kidney on Board 10"x15"
20.   Human Kidney on Stand (2 Parts Dissectible)
21.   Human Lungs
22.   Human Nervous System on Boards 10"x24"
23.   Human Respiratory System on Boards 10"x24"
24.   Human Reproductive System Male/Female , on Board 10"x15
25.   Human Skin on Board 10"x15"

26.   Human Teeth on Board 10"x15"

27.   Human Torso Full Size

28.   Human Torso 23 Parts Full Size (EXPORT Quality)

29.   Human Torso Small Size

30.   Flower on Stand (Superior)

31.   Teeth (Imported)

32.   Human Nose

33.   Human Liver

34.   Human Tongue

35.   Human Stomach

36.   Human Spinal Cord

37.   HYDRA Model

38.   Paramecium Model

39.   Euglena Model

40.   Frog Anatomy Model

41.   Fish Anatomy Model

42.   Monocot Stem / Root / Leaf (Any One)

43.   Dicot Stem / Root / Leaf (Any One)

44.   Chloroplast Model

45.   Mitochondria Model

46.   Cockroach Dissected Model

47.   Earthworm Dissected Model

48.   Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes) Model

49.   Dental Care Model with tooth Brush

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